Mr Showbiz floored by theft


3797832438CAPE Town entertainer, Alvon Collison – “Mr Showbiz” – was left “shattered” after his custom-made costumes were stolen before his performance at his annual Mother’s Day concert at the City Hall on Sunday.

Collison, 73, is a renowned local entertainer known for his motivational work and free concerts.

He was preparing for his show on Sunday, carrying all his equipment and costumes to his van outside his Milnerton home.

He said he had the jackets made in various places including New York, Los Angeles, Johannesburg and in Cape Town over his 50-year career in entertainment.

But when he arrived at the City Hall before the show, he could not find his 10 unique sequinned and velvet jackets.

“I had all these beautiful jackets and it was Mother’s Day so I wanted it to be spectacular. While we were loading the van walking back and forth, one of the guys probably left the costume case on the ground and someone must have walked past and stolen it in seconds,” Collison said.

“I had 10 jackets and now I am down to one.

“I was so upset. Why would anyone steal my jackets? They’re of no use to anyone.”

Collison said one of his favourites was a floor-length gold-sequinned jacket.

“I want my costumes back and hope someone can help get it back to me.

“I will give them a reward because the person who took it, took away my spirit. I love making magic and performing at the City Hall is wonderful. I love the stage,” he said.

Collison said he had not yet opened a case of theft with police.

He performed on Sunday to 1 000 people in what was his 10th Mother’s Day show at the City Hall.

“That is my showbiz clothing,” he said.

It can’t mean anything to anyone and it’s just not fair when I do so much good for people,” Collison said.



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