SA communists wants Nigeria to act on terror


SOUTH Africa’s Young Communist League has accused the Nigerian government’s handling of the upsurge of terror.

Condemning the recent killings of innocent people by Boko Haram terrorists, it accused the government of not doing enough to protect its people.

Young Communist League spokesman, Khaya Xaba, said SA youths were disturbed by continuous actions of terrorism by Boko Haram such as killings and raids in the Borno State, which they claim had gone unpunished.

“As an internationalist Organisation, the YCLSA (Young Communist League of South Africa) is worried about the constant loss of life in Nigeria. The fresh wave of violence has claimed thousands of lives mainly women and children.

“As the YCLSA we hold a strong view that the Nigerian government is not doing enough to protect its citizens. Boko Haram kills innocent people daily with no fear from the authorities.

“We say enough, the killings must stop and the government must put measures in place to provide safety and security for its citizens,” Xaba said.

He said the youths were still worried that the more than 200 school girls that were abducted by Boko Haram more than a month ago were yet to be returned.

“We condemn the false information by the Nigerian military that they know where the girls are held captive. If they do know their whereabouts then they must bring back these girls.

“We call on the African Union (AU) to also provide support to the Nigerian government to help bring back the girls. We are against any western interference.

“We have seen what happens when western powers interfere, case in point is Libya. The YCLSA calls for African solutions to African problems by African leaders,” Xaba said.










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