Mnangagwa promises to work for all Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe President, His Excellency Emmerson Mnangagwa

Zimbabwe President, His Excellency Emmerson Mnangagwa

HARARE – NEWLY sworn-in Zimbabwe president Emmerson Mnangagwa has promised to unite the heavily divided nation while giving top priority to reviving comatose economy.

Addressing a 60 000 seater National Sports Stadium in Harare on Sunday upon his inauguration, Mnangagwa said a new Zimbabwe for all would be pursued to ensure millions of its citizens that escaped abject poverty returned home.

He said Bilateral Investor Protection Policy Assessment Service (BIPPAS) would be signed with friendly governments across the world would be pursued while ensuring the new dispensation respects the rule of law, democracy and human rights.

“Now elections are behind us we must face economic challenges facing our nation. Soon we will review BIPPAS to promote foreign investment. Now is time for us to unite and develop our country. My Government will in next five years will accelerate modernisation with emphasis on market
development policies.

“We will modernise major roads, airports and railway lines. A more coherent SME policy is on the cards,” Mnangagwa said.

Turning to politics, Mnangagwa said he would work with all opposition parties that competed against his ruling ZANU-PF party, including arch rivals Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) as he takes the country forward.

“I will work tirelessly as a servant leader for a better Zimbabwe. I exhort all parties especially those in parliament to work for our motherland. Tomorrow is brighter than yesterday. Let us endeavour to climb new heights for indeed our light has come,” Mnangagwa said.

He ceased the opportunity to condemn the “unfortunate” incident of the violence that happened on August 1 in which people were killed in violent protests.
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